Where to stay in New York City – Kimpton 70 Park Avenue

After my first ever Kimpton stay the night before, I was really looking forward to experiencing Kimpton 70 Park Avenue.  Many people might think I’m crazy for hopping from hotel to hotel, but I actually enjoy it.  Ok, packing up every night is a kinda lame, but the joy of exploring a new property completely overrides any negatives!

Trip Details


Kimpton 70 Park Avenue

After leaving the Eventi and running short on time before my conference session, I hopped in a cab to Kimpton 70 Park Avenue before the start of my conference.  Because I had arrived so early in the morning, my room wasn’t ready yet.  No problem… if I waited to check in, that provided a better opportunity to get the best upgrade possible.

70 Park Avenue is at… you guessed it… 70 Park Avenue, just 3 blocks away from Grand Central Station.

Courtesy of Kimpton

Courtesy of Kimpton

As I walked up to the entrance of Kimpton 70 Park Avenue, the section of Park Avenue was shut down as runners, walkers, and people riding bikes had taken over the streets.  This is known as NYC Summer Streets, where on 3 consecutive Saturdays in August, nearly 7 miles of NYC streets are open to the public to play, run, walk, and ride bikes.  This year, it was August 2nd, 9th, and 16th.

NYC Summer Streets

Making the reservation

When booking my reservation, there was a great promotion on the Kimpton website which offered a 25% discount off the nightly rate of $336.

Kimpton Karma New York State of Mind

With the discount, I was able to book for $252 with my goal in mind of staying in all 4 Kimptons in New York while I attended my conference.

Kimpton New York stays August 2014

This promotion is now over, but if you’d like to book a room, I suggest using my affiliate link by clicking here or the banner below to support this site.

Checking in

I arrived rather early on Saturday morning to check in.  It was far too early for my room to be ready, so I checked my bags with the bell hop and went on with my day.

I booked my room online only a few days before arrival, and I received Kimpton Karma Rewards Inner Circle status a day later.  So, I don’t think that this property realized that I was promoted to Inner Circle status.  What tipped me off is that, as I was walking to the elevator, the front desk person called my name and gave me an upgraded “raid the mini bar” certificate that was good for $30.  I think this was in place of not receiving a welcome amenity in my room.

My room at 70 Park Avenue

Here’s a quick video of my room:

When you first walk in, there is a basic, but nice bathroom off the doorway.

Kimpton 70 Park Avenue bathroom

I received a one-level upgrade from a queen to a king bed.  The room was set-up like what you would expect from a hotel.  There was a desk, a flat screen TV, and a couple of chairs by the window.  The touches were definitely high-end and the style is swanky, but there was no “WOW factor.”

Kimpton 70 Park Avenue bedroom

Next to the bed, inside the night stand was the mini bar.  Although I didn’t receive a “Welcome Amenity,” I did receive an upgrade to $30 worth of “raid the mini bar” credits compared to the normal $15.

Kimpton 70 Park Avenue raid the mini bar

There were a ton of goodies to choose from.  I had a couple of beers at night, then grabbed a Red Bull and a power bar in the morning to complete my breakfast.  I also received a “grab and go” certificate, which allowed me to grab a bagel and an orange juice from the restaurant/coffee bar located on the first floor of the property.

The Gym

Kimpton 70 Park Avenue gym

The gym was really large and offered a variety of workout equipment… a rower, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, and weight machines.

Kimpton 70 Park Avenue working out

I was able to get a good hour’s worth of a workout in before my day started on Sunday.  I had the entire gym to myself, with only a couple of tourists poking their heads in to check things out.


After being spoiled at the Eventi on Friday night, it was a little bit of a let down coming to 70 Park Avenue.  I’ll admit it, I like being spoiled.  This property is a very nice hotel, with great decor inside the rooms.  If this had been my first Kimpton property, I would have been satisfied, but not wow’d, because the property is very nice, with some great amenities, like the gym.

Book your reservation

If you’re ready to book your reservation for the Kimpton 70 Park Avenue, or any other hotel, and you’ve found this information useful, please use my affiliate link by clicking here or the banner below to support this site.


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Where to stay in New York City – Kimpton Eventi

Kimpton Eventi New York City

This was my first time staying in a Kimpton property, and wow was I impressed!  I recently was awarded Kimpton Karma Rewards Inner Circle status thanks to a status match based on my Hilton Gold status.  I had heard that top level members were treated really well…. I just underestimated how well, as I found out during the four 1-night stays in New York while attending a conference.

The first night was at the Eventi, and all I can say is “WOW”.  Not only was I upgraded from the base rate that I booked online, but I was booked into the best room in the property!

Trip Details


Kimpton Eventi

The Eventi is located at 851 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10001, which is a short walk from the 31st & Avenue of the Americas subway station.

Kimpton Eventi New York City

Booking online

I booked my reservation online using the promo code “MYDEAL”.  You had to book before August 15, 2014 to receive up to 25% off the normal booking price.  At $209, this night was 25% off the standard price of $279.

Kimpton Karma New York State of Mind


When I arrived, I was tired from a cross-country flight and in a hurry to make it to the Yankees game against the Indians.

I had mid-level expectations of an upgraded rooms, but I had no idea what was in store for me.  When I heard that I was being upgraded to “the best room in the property” my eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.  I could barely contain the huge smile on my face.

The room

I booked a standard room, but what I actually received was FAR superior.  It is called a 1 bedroom Premium Suite that is usually reserved for events.  I tried to look for it online to see how much it would cost to book, but it wasn’t available.  I imagine you’d have to call Eventi directly to book this room.

Here’s a 15 second video of my room.

My room had a beautiful bathroom just off the doorway.

Kimpton Eventi New York City bathroom

Then a hallway which led to my sleeping area…

Kimpton Eventi New York City bedroom

A desk and fridge…

Kimpton Eventi New York City work space

And a HUGE balcony!  With space at such a premium in New York City, how I had such an amazing balcony is beyond my comprehension.

Kimpton Eventi New York City balcony


Beyond the upgrade, whenever an Inner Circle level member stays at a Kimpton property, a personalized “welcome amenity” awaits you.  Because this was my first night at a Kimpton, and I was unsure of what to ask for as a welcome amenity, I received the standard fruit and chocolate.  The Tumbador chocolates were delicious… I saved them to share with Anna when I got home.  The four truffles were 55% Hawaiian, Wildflower Honey, Cookie Crunch, and Creme de Cashew.  There was a personalized note from Jason, 

Kimpton Eventi New York City welcome amenity

Also, you are allowed to “raid the mini bar” up to $15, or you can use the $15 credit towards a meal at an on-site restaurant.  I chose to raid the mini-bar, primarily because I needed a Red Bull in the morning to help me adjust to the 3 hour time difference and recover from working late on a project for work.

The Gym

When I travel, I try to offset the food and drinks I indulge in with a little “me” time at the hotel gym.  Unfortunately, I had to stay up late working on a project for work, so I slept in rather than working out.  It was a good sized gym with a good mix of machines and free weights.  For your convenience, Kimpton provides a yoga mat inside every hotel room.

Kimpton Eventi New York City gym

Would I change anything?

For me, the entire experience was fantastic because my expectations were exceed by such a wide margin.  Overall, I wish the hotel prices were lower, but the 25% discount was awesome and helped quite a bit.  Beyond that, going to NYC, you just know that decent hotel rooms are going to cost between $200-$250 a night before taxes.

On the balcony, I wish there was an option to turn on more light.  I was checking email on my laptop when I got back from the Yankees game, enjoying the night, and there wasn’t enough light for me to adequately see my keyboard.  Maybe this was a sign from the Kimpton Gods telling me that I should have put down the laptop and focused on relaxing and enjoying the great views?

There’s nothing that Kimpton could do about this, but the only other negative I experienced was that a spider hitched a ride on my shoulder from (I assume) one of the balcony plants.  I had to kill the little booger, but it was either him or me!

Book your reservation

If you’re ready to book your reservation for the Kimpton Eventi, or any other hotel, and you’ve found this information useful, please use my affiliate link by clicking here or the banner below to support this site.


I normally focus on using points and award nights to stay in hotels when not using my timeshare or traveling for work.  I have status with a few hotels based on the credit cards I have.  With Kimpton, I’m going to need to stay 14 times or have 40 nights before December 31, 2015 to maintain my status.  Usually, I would balk at that requirement, but given this first impression of Kimpton, I couldn’t wait to experience more of their properties!


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Another reason I love airline miles and points

Eddie and me

One of my greatest friends is a survivor of flesh-eating bacteria.  Like many of my closest friends, I consider him family.  My family lives in SoCal, where we met, and his family has been living in Las Vegas for several years.

The WIN Foundation

Eddie started a foundation called The Win Foundation, which provides scholarships to high school students have overcome adversity and demonstrated the WIN attitude of What’s Important Now.  Please consider making a donation.

Here are some links to articles and videos of Eddie overcoming his own adversities of being a quadruple amputee:


Renewal of Vows

This weekend, he and his beautiful wife celebrated their 13 year wedding anniversary with a party and a renewal of their wedding vows.

Eddie and Antoinette getting ready to leave for the party

Eddie and Antoinette getting ready to leave for the party

Why I love airline miles

In all honestly, being frugal like I am, spending over $200 on airplane tickets for a 7-hour day trip to Las Vegas for me and my son would have been something that would have made me think about whether or not to go, or if I should go alone to save money.  My wife, Anna, couldn’t make the trip because she is working on her final paper for her MBA.

However, because I have a nice stash of airline miles, I didn’t even give it a second thought… OF COURSE, Timmy and I will be there!!!

I booked flights for Timmy and me using 7,554 points and $5 in taxes for each of us, round-trip (or 15,108 and $10 total for both of us; which is the equivalent of $216 airfare) and booked a car rental through Expedia for $21 – Treat yourself to a last-minute getaway! Choose from great hotel deals in your favorite cities only at Expedia.com!  (affiliate link).

Timmy and Daddy Hawaiian shirts 2014-08-16

Timmy and me on the way to see Eddie and Antoinette

Once we got to Vegas, we had a little time before the party started, so we stopped to get Timmy a magic potion “to keep the bananas away” (don’t ask me, 3 year olds have strange logic!).

Timmy with magic potion 2014-08-16

Timmy with the 7-11 magic potion

 The Anniversary Party

Timmy and I got to their hotel early because we couldn’t stay out too late.  It was great seeing Eddie, Antoinette, and their family and spending a little quality time before they would get pulled in multiple directions during the party.

Eddie and me

Eddie & me – he used to be shorter

After hanging out for a little bit, we drove over to the party.  Everyone had a great time… dancing, talking, eating delicious food, and having a few drinks.  Except Timmy… he was handling business on the iPad like a tycoon.

Timmy on the iPad

Timmy on the iPad

Timmy soon became cranky since he hadn’t had a nap and wasn’t used to the Las Vegas summer heat.  So, I drove him around the Las Vegas Strip until he passed out before our flight home.

Timmy sleeping

Timmy sleeping

We finally made it back to SoCal later in the evening, but because we brought a car seat, we had to wait for our bag.

Timmy waiting for our bags

Timmy waiting for our bag


Having airline miles and points means not having to worry about what it costs when life’s important moments present themselves.  Never miss out on something special because “you can’t afford it”.  Please consider building your point balances so that you can take your family on great adventures and spend time with those you love.  You never know when it becomes too late.


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